Are you feeling dissatisfied with the standard of service provided by the University? If so, then you should consider the student complaints procedure. Complaints can be resolved either formally or informally.

To begin, you should always aim to resolve your complaint informally with the appropriate member of staff; this will usually be your programme leader or module leader. This is Stage 1 of the complaints procedure.

However, the University understands that it is not always possible to resolve a complaint informally. If you remain dissatisfied, you can submit a Stage 2 Complaint form.

If you have completed Stage 2 of the complaints procedure and remain dissatisfied, there is also the option to request a review of the decision reached at Stage 2 by submitting a Stage 3 Complaint form.

There is also the option to submit a group complaint if a number of students wish to raise the same complaint. 

Important deadlines:

Stage 1: a complaint must be raised informally within 20 working days of the circumstance that you are dissatisfied with.

Stage 2: the Stage 2 Complaint form must be submitted within 10 working days of the date of the response of the Stage 1 complaint.

Stage 3:  the Stage 3 Complaint form should be submitted within 10 working days of the date of the response of the Stage 2 complaint.

The full Student Complaints Procedure can be found here

What can we do?

A student adviser can support you through this process in the following ways:

  • Explain the Student Complaints procedure and guide you through the stages
  • Support and advise you at each stage of the process
  • Help you decide what to include when completing the form
  • Offer advice on gathering evidence to support your complaint
  • Accompany you to any meetings

How to contact a student adviser