Academic Appeals

Have you received your board of examiners results letter? Is there a grade or decision that you would like to appeal?

To begin, you should always try and resolve the issue by approaching your module leader to obtain detailed feedback. If you would still like to proceed with your appeal, then you should consider submitting an academic appeal form.

You cannot appeal a mark because you are unhappy with it or think you should have received a better mark. This is because it challenges the academic judgement of the marker and/or the exam board.

Stage 1 Academic Appeal

The stage 1 academic appeal proforma can be found here.

There is a deadline of 10 working days from the date on your Board of Examiners results letter to either:

  • Submit your complete Academic Appeal including any supporting evidence; OR
  • Notify the University of your intent to appeal (this can be done by emailing

If you pick the second option (to express your intent to appeal), you will have 20 working days from the date on your Board of Examiners results letter to submit the full Academic Appeal and/or any additional evidence.

Stage 2 Academic Appeal

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your Stage 1 Academic Appeal you can consider submitting a stage 2 academic appeal.

The stage 2 academic appeal proforma can be found here. 

The Stage 2 Appeal form must be submitted within 10 working days of the date of the response from the Stage 1 response.

The full Academic Appeals Procedure can be found here

What can we do?

A student adviser can support you through this process in the following ways:

  • Explain the Academic Appeal procedure and guide you through the stages
  • Offer advice on which of the three grounds for appeal apply to your situation
  • Help you decide what to include when completing the form and making your case
  • Offer advice on gathering evidence to support your appeal
  • Support you through the appeal process

How to contact a student adviser