Academic Appeals

When to Appeal and Why?

Academic appeals challenge the outcome of an assessment or exam. You are eligible to appeal a decision after you have received your official results on your Board of Examiners letter.

Appealing a grade decision should be taken as a last resort, after you have tried to resolve the issue by approaching your module leader to obtain detailed feedback. 

You cannot appeal a mark because you are unhappy with it or think you should have received a better mark. Appeals can be submitted on three grounds: that personal mitigating circumstances impacting the outcome of an assignment or exam were present, unknown to the examiners; that a procedural irregularity was present in the assessment process, or that the Board of Examiners/Postgraduate Research Board has acted in a way which is manifestly unreasonable. 

You have two opportunities to appeal. They are called a Stage One and Stage Two academic appeal.


Submission Procedures and Deadlines


Stage 1 Academic Appeal

There are two components to a Stage 1 Academic Appeal - the appeals proforma or form, found here, and the evidence supporting your appeal. You must submit both in order for your appeal to be considered, though there is a degree of flexibility regarding when and how to do so. 

The appeals proforma can be submitted via email, by sending it along with any supporting evidence to, in person, by dropping it off at the askUS desk at University House, or by post, to: Quality and Enhancement Office, University of Salford, Salford, M5 4WT. 

Out of these three options, we would recommend that you submit via email or in person. 

The deadline for submitting an academic appeal is 10 working days (weekends excluded) from the date on your Board of Examiners results letter. However, if you are unable to gather your supporting evidence before this deadline, you have the option of filling in Section 5 of the form to indicate that you do not wish your appeal to be considered until you have submitted all additional evidence. The form must then be returned within 10 working days, but you will be given an additional 10 working days (total 20 working days) to submit the full particulars of your appeal.


Stage 2 Academic Appeal

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your Stage 1 Academic Appeal, you have further recourse by submitting a Stage 2 Academic Appeal. The Stage 2 proforma can be found here. There are three grounds on which you can submit a Stage 2 Appeal: a procedural irregularity at Stage 1 of the Appeals procedure; the emergence of new and relevant evidence which, for good and reasonable cause, was not available at Stage 1, and, that evidence is available to show that the Stage 1 outcome was manifestly unreasonable. 

The Stage 2 Appeals proforma can be submitted via email, by post or in person, same as the Stage 1 Appeal. 

The Stage 2 Appeal is due within 10 working days after the response to the Stage 1 Appeal is received. 


Any Further Questions?

While filling out your appeal form, please refer to the Academic Appeals procedure, which can be found here


How Can We Help?

An academic advisor can support you through this process in the following ways:

  • Explaining the Academic Appeal procedure and guide you through the stages
  • Offering advice on which of the three grounds for appeal apply to your situation
  • Helping you decide what to include when completing the form and making your case
  • Offering advice on gathering evidence to support your appeal
  • Supporting you through the appeal process

Instructions on how to book an appointment with one of our advisors can be found here.