Are your studies being negatively affected by issues in your personal life? Have you missed an exam, deadline or presentation due to illness? If an issue that you have no control over and could not have predicted has had an adverse impact on your work, then you should consider submitting a Personal Mitigating Circumstances (PMC) request.

The electronic PMC request form can be found here.

You will be required to explain your reason for the PMC and include evidence to support your request.

A successful outcome of a PMC request can be an uncapped replacement assessment or removing the late penalty from your grade.

There is a deadline for submitting a PMC request, so make sure you submit your PMC within 10 working days from the date of your deadline or exam. If you have already received your results or are outside this timeframe, you will need to consider the Academic Appeals process instead.

The full PMC Procedure can be found here.

What can we do? 

A student adviser can support you through this process in the following ways:

  • Explain the PMC procedure
  • Offer advice on gathering evidence to support your request
  • Support you through the PMC process

How to contact a student adviser