Black Attainment gap

The BME attainment gap refers to a consistent difference in grade of degree obtained by White students and students from an Ethnic Minority. 

At Salford University 35% of white[1] students obtained a first class degree compared with 15.1% of Black students. A gap of 19.9% in first class degrees.

Research shows that this attainment gap is not due to students' academic ability. Even after taking account of multiple factors such as subject of study, age, gender, disability, prior qualifications, mode of study and more there is still a difference in the degrees obtained by White students and those of BME students. 

We believe that the Black attainment gap is a result of institutional and systemic failures within academia and that the issue does not lie with Black students themselves.

Research indicates that factors related to this include a lack of diversity within instructions, inadequate support services as well as covert racism and microagressions. 


Help us take action

We want to hear your voices, particularly those of students from a Black, Asian or other ethnic minority background. 

We are taking two actions immediately.

Firstly we want to hear your stories about where you may have been treated unequally. This online, confidential, form will allow you to share your experiences with us.

Share your experiences here 


Secondly we are conducting a research exercises to understand in more depth the experiences of student from an ethnic minority at Salford University. 

Take part in our survey 



All information you share with us will be held securely on password protected computers and documents. We will never reveal the information in these forms unless you give us permission to. Any information shared with the University will be anonymous, including removing names and course details where necessary. 


Next stages

The causes of the ethnicity attainment gap are multifaceted and there are undoubtedly issues in wider society which are contributing to this. By better understanding the experiences of BME students on campus we are more likely to understand why this is happening.

The Union will take the results of this survey and will work together with BME students and the University to determine what actions can be taken in the short and long term at Salford to tackle this. 


Further reading

You can read much more about the ethnicity attainment gap using the resources available below