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At the University of Salford Badminton Club, we offer something for everyone. The club is split into 3 levels of competitiveness:

1)    Give Sport A Go (GSAG) is the universities recreational sports programme which offers students the opportunity to play socially, involving no commitment to sessions. This is typically more suited to beginners.

2)    Campus League gives members the opportunity to play semi-competitively, against fellow Salford Students. This programme is great for those wanting to play for fun within a social league.

3)    Those students looking to play badminton competitively and at the highest level can join the BUCS team, which includes the most advanced players in the club. This gives members the opportunity to play in competitive matches against other universities in the BUCS league.

Coaching will be available during the sessions, carried out by a qualified coach, included in the membership fees.

So whether you are wanting to play regularly, competitively or just socially, come along and give it a go!

Remember, you don't have to pay membership before you attend, your first session is ALWAYS free and you can join at ANY point in the year! We also offer a £3 pay as you go option for non-members (this is for people who want to come along to training but can't commit to coming each week or for those who want to trial a few sessions).

Type of Membership Price Includes
Standard £35 Includes training, BUCS match entry and transport
Standard + Playing Kit £55 As above plus Under Armour playing kit
Day Time Location (Click below to find)
Tuesday (GSAG) 6-8pm University Sports Centre
Thursday (BUCS)  6-8pm Albion School
Saturday (Campus Leagues)  1-3pm University Sports Centre


As a club, we offer the opportunity for members to play within the “Manchester Tri-Varsity which is a social league for Intramural and GSAG members. Within the league, matches are played against the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University for a chance to win the Manchester TRi-Varsity Shield.

 Ask to join our Facebook Group at or follow us on Twitter at @ussubadminton