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School Representative

Thank you for your interest in becoming a School Rep for the 2020/21 academic year, officially starting in September. School Reps ensure that student issues and concerns are raised and dealt with at an appropriate level within their Directorate. They work with Course Reps and their School's Officer to improve the student experience for those studying within their School. 

The first round of recruitment for the 2020/21 academic year has now taken place.  The next round of recruitment will take place in the spring for the 2021/22 academci year, so keep an eye on this page if you're interested in applying.

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If you have any further questions, or are having technical issues making an application, please feel free to contact 

What Does it Involve? 

  • School Reps act as the senior Rep for their subject group, looking for patterns in student feedback across several programmes. 
  • They act as the point of contact between all Course Representatives in their department and their Director.
  • They work with other School Reps to conduct further research into school-wide issues which they present to their Head of School. 
  • School Reps will develop good interpersonal skills, the ability to critically appraise and analyse data, and have a good understanding of the issues facing students within their school.

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What Will I Gain?

School Reps gain demonstrable experience in key employability skills including communication, organisation and planning, digital enagement, negotiation, and much more. Ultimately, you'll be making a positive impact on the experiences of your peers and future students within your School. You will also gain access to:

  • Training and development opportunities to gain skills like negotiation, problem solving, and mediation.  
  • Exposure to senior decision makers with the Union and University. 
  • Acting as the representative for your peers.
  • Access to £5,000 Library Champion budget to request books for students. 

Students can nominate themselves HERE for the relevent position in their School based on which department their course sits within. If you are unsure which department you belong to in your School, please email and we can let you know :

Arts and Media Business and Law Health and Society Science, Engineering, and Environment  Salford Languages
Art and Design Strategy & People Management Radiography Architecture & Design Salford Languages
Film Studies & Film Production Marketing & Leisure Physiotherapy


Broadcast Media Information Systems & Operations Management Podiatry Construction & Management  
Journalism Economics, Accounting & Finance Occupational Therapy Property & Surveying  
Music & Dance Law Prosthetics & Orthotics Chemistry  
English & Creative Writing    Psychology Physics  
Performance   Sport Geography & Env  
Politics & Contemporary History   Nursing Biology & Wildlife  
    Midwifery Biomedicin  
    Counselling & Psychotherapy Mechanical Engineering  
    Social Policy Aeronautical Engineering  
    Social Work & Learning Disability Nursing Civil Engineering  
    Sociology & Criminology Computer Science  
      Networking & Electronic Engineering  

This is a voluntary and unpaid position