Change the Default Search Engine

by Daniel Roberts 05 April 2019, 11:29

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As most people are probably aware, Google is currently the default search engine on university computers. However there is a new search engine that benefits the environment!


Ecosia is a new search engine that acts just like Google but instead uses the ad revenue that your searches generate to plant trees in areas of the world where they are needed the most. On average, 45 searches are needed to plant a tree, since having Ecosia I have performed 3,294 searches, equalling roughly 73 trees. By having this on all of the university computers we could massively increase to the staggering 53,973,460 trees already planted by Ecosia.


If there are a small majority that would still prefer to use Google, then by having Ecosia as the default, those searching 'Google' to use that, would still count as a search. So if a student would rather use Google 45 times then they can and still plant a tree whilst doing it! You can find out more here:


The Students’ Union could liaise with the University’s IT department to implement Ecosia across campus as the default search engine on all university owned devices. The Students’ Union should also run an awareness raising campaign of the benefits of using Ecosia as an alternative search engine to Google, with the aim of increasing the use of Ecosia on students’ own devices.