Cheaper food in the MCUK campus

by Emily Madden 06 March 2019, 14:51

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I believe that the prices within media city are too expensive for students - it's a personal worry for me and a few other classmates who often just decide to not buy food and get some on the way home for much cheaper


You can expect to pay around £11 for two coffees and something a small as a sausage roll. I believe this is unfair. We don't have many options of cheap eateries around the campus unless we want to talk the walk across media city to the Lowry - which even then doesn't have a lot of choice. I believe that better, wider and cheaper food choices within the university would encourage students to stay within campus for lunch rather than finding alternative places to eat.


I think if the food within media city's campus was subsidised - or a better, cheaper meal deal was put in place (possibly one to rival booths £4 sandwich deal, but with hot food) more students would opt to eat on campus rather than bringing in their own food or going hungry throughout the day and getting cheaper food on the way home from McDonald's or other places. It would be good if the SU could speak with the people in charge of pricing within the cafeterias and try to work out if food prices could be brought down or if a meal deal rivaling booths could be introduced.


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    Thomas Bellas   wrote, 04-04-2019 - 22:07

    I agree and the SU website doesn't work as normal. Still trying to become a member of Shock Radio.

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