Lobby University for lectures to be recorded - video or audio

by Helena Wright 12 April 2019, 12:42

Category: Academic Support

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Inspired by ideas and petitions made by other students from other universities. I would like to see the Students' Union lobby our University to try and record all lectures. Preferably video capture. But if unable to, an audio recording of the lecture. So that students can go back and revisit particular lectures. Sometimes the information uploaded to Blackboard is very vague and makes it hard for students who may have missed a lecture because of illness, work or personal reasons to catch up which could then lead to missing one or two marks - especially in assignments and exams where vital information, that could improve your grade, was mentioned in a certain lecture. 

Why do I think this is an accessibility issue? 

- Not all students learn the same and at the same rate. Someone with a learning disability, even if they attend the lecture, may not feel they have gathered all the information they needed during it. To be able to go back and relisten/watch the lecture will be beneficial. Students with hearing disabilities may have missed one or two bits of speech during a lecture if the lecturer turns their back and being able to rewatch may help them pick up on such. (*In reference to my past Big Idea. These lecture recordings could be put into a quick easy transcription tool such as Headliner to generate subtitles*)

- Students who struggle from chronic illness and mental illness may have to miss lectures due to their physical and mental health. Making it difficult to catch up can put a strain especially on students with anxiety and panic disorders as they will worry. Recorded lectures will help them feel like they have caught up.

Statistics to note:

On a survey Newcastle University SU did after trialling 'ReCap', 85.4% of students WITH disabilities said that the use of ReCap/recording lectures was important to their University Experience.

Lecturers and University staff may worry that the use of lecture recording might influence students to not bother attending at all - which would lead to an attendance drop. However the same Newcastle survey showed that 72% of ALL students said 'rarely' when asked if they have used ReCap as an alternative to attending lectures.

As well in a petition Jodie Stephens made for her University, she referenced a study by Nordmann, E. & McGeorge, P. which states: "Those who gained maximum benefit from accessing recordings were also the students who attended most face-to-face lectures. Chen and Lin (2012) found a positive relationship between students’ use of recordings and their grades but also between attendance and grades."

Summary of why I think Lecture Recording should be introduced


- Students who did manage to attend lectures can revisit these recordings to double check their notes, add to their notes, maybe find a particular quote or for revision.

- Students who were unable to attend lectures can revisit these recordings to feel as up to date as their classmates and not feel behind on their modules.


- Attendance dropping or students not attending class due to being able to just 'watch the recording'

Please vote and let me know what you think of this idea. I think it would benefit a lot of students especially students missing classes for health reasons.