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by Nicole Lowe 05 March 2019, 18:36

Category: Assessment and Feedback

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Feedback from assignments is very important, we need feedback to be provided ON TIME to ensure we do not make the same mistakes again.


Best practice is when assessment feedback is received at least one week before the next assignment is due in, this way students can make corrections and have adequate time to ensure they do not make the same mistakes again. Currently some students receive feedback after they have submitted their next assignment and make the same mistakes again because they don’t know what they are doing is incorrect. For example, one student didn’t know their referencing was incorrect and lost many marks on both assignments. One student stated that their tables were incorrect in both assignments because they didn’t know as the university didn’t give us feedback on time.  The time frame is fine just as long as it’s before the next assignment of similar nature (essays and research reports). This led to our grades being lower than they should’ve been by no fault of our own.


If feedback is provided past the deadline for the next related assignment, extensions should be provided.