Post-Graduate Students should be represented too!

by Harriet Ruddick 12 April 2019, 12:29

Category: Representation

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This Union Believes:

-Marginalised students are currently represented within the Students' Union Structure through the Part-Time Volunteer Roles. These students that are represented are: Women, Students with Disabilities, LGBTQ+, BME, International, and Union Council have just introduced a Trans Officer. 

-Post-Graduate students currently have no formal representation within the Students' Union. 

-A large majority of other Students' Unions have Post-Graduate representation, whether it be a part-time or full-time officer. This includes the National Union of Students.


This Union Further Believes:

-Post-Graduate students have very specific issues that need an autonomous campaign to improve their experience within Higher Education- such as funding, supervisory issues, being both students and university staff at the same time. 

-All post-graduate students are automatically members of the Students' Union upon registration at the University of Salford, but may not be members of teaching unions such as UCU, therefore may not have any specific representation with knowledge of post-graduate needs. 

-Currently post-graduate students have low engagement with the Students' Union due to not having this representation, mostly being commuting students, having jobs- a lot of the time at the University, and sometimes not fitting the typical demographic of students that engage with the SU. 


This Union Resolves:

-That the SU will look to implement a part-time Post Graduate Students' Officer within the next three years. 

-That at the start of the next academic year, there will be a Post Graduate Students' Campaign that falls under the remit of the academic and representation campaigns within the Students' Union. 

-That the SU will work with both UCU and the NUS Post Grad campaign to look at how to support Post Grad students better and help improve how welcome they feel in engaging with the Students' Union.