Students should be refunded for cancelled lectures

by Adam Jones 08 April 2019, 05:37

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I believe all students should be refunded for any lecture that is cancelled. If a lecture is rescheduled and a student then cannot attend for a legitimate reason that is not the fault of the student, this also needs to be recognised. At the end of the day, we are all paying £9250 a year for a service, and if a lecture is cancelled then the university are not providing that service. Why can we claim our money back if our flights/trains are cancelled but not our lectures?


The amount owed would be calculated by adding up the total number of hours in university over the whole year, divided by £9250, and if for example the lecture that is cancelled is 2 hours long, then the value would be doubled for each hour cancelled (or whatever the cost of the year is e.g international students pay more).”


The Students’ Union should bring this matter to the university on behalf of students.


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    Jon-Connor Lyons   wrote, 12-04-2019 - 11:11

    Adam brings up a point here that he believes that University is clearly very expensive and I completely agree with him on that. However I have to make the point that education should not be considered as a commodity or a service like we do with privatised services. Education should not be a privilege but a right to everyone, regardless of their income or parents income. Education is a vital aspect of our lives and it can be incredibly liberating. Politicians on the right and centre have betrayed students, making our education a service which can be bought and purchased for a right price. Instead of accepting the narrative that education should be like this, essentially businesses, we ought to continue the fight to combat the narrative and change the game. Our education was once free. In Europe and across the world, higher education institutions currently provide education for free, at the point of access, to their populations. Put our energy into fighting neoliberalism, not accepting it.

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