Students with Disabilities Need Better Treatment from the University

by Harriet Ruddick 12 April 2019, 12:11

Category: Academic Support

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This Union Believes:

-Students with a disability or diagnosed mental health issue are entitled to Reasonable Adjustment Plans from the University. 

-These Reasonable Adjustment Plans can enable students to have extended deadlines, seperate exam rooms, rest periods in exams and extra time in exams among other provisions. 

-These plans are aimed to reduce any additional difficulties that students with disabilities may face that non-disabled students do not, and aims to ensure all students have an equal access to their education. 


This Union Further Believes:

-Whether it be intentional or not, students with disabilities are facing problems on campus. This ranges from direct discrimination, indirect discrimination and failure to implement reasonable adjustment plans,

-Students with Reasonable Adjustment Plans have reported that in the implementation of these plans that they have been discriminated against through comments being made by university staff, other students or disclosure of their disability by university staff to other students. 

-There have been times where students have faced indirect discrimination through not having the same access to their exams by invigilators not being fully informed of what materials are avaliable to them in exams (such as calculators, statute books or open book exam text books) and not being given the 5 minute reading time when they are entitled to it. 

-There have been cases in the university where students who have handed in assignments late because of their Reasonable Adjustment Plan entitlement or a Personal Mitagating Circumstances provision have received their assignment results later than the rest of their course.


This Union Resolves:

-That University Staff, including invigalotors, will receive training on how to prevent discrimination against students with disabilities. 

-All students will receive their assignment results at the same time, regardless of the date it was handed in. 

-That the Students' Union will campaign for the rights of students with disabilities, with particular focus on fighting the academic related discrimination that students with disabilities are facing, and this will be a continuous campaign that is led by Union staff recognising that the Students with Disabilities Officer changes each year and is a part-time volunteer role. 

-That the Students' Union will reach out to the NUS Disabled Students' Campaign to get advice on how to run this campaign and help students with disabilities through the complaints procedure should they need to go through it after facing a form of discrimination from university staff, whether it be intentional or not.


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    Sara Sousa   wrote, 22-04-2019 - 14:37

    This is such a good idea. I've thought about this for a while but never took it further so I am glad that someone is taking action!

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