Skill up

Volunteering is a learning journey. You’re going to ‘Crash and Burn, Learn and Grow’. Want to learn and grow, and get some awards from us? Keep. A. Journal. Here

Why should I keep a volunteering journal?

1) We use them to select our Volunteer under the Spotlight 

2) They lead to awards at our annual USSU Ball

I don't know how to reflect on my skills!

Come to a 'Skill-up Session'. More details below. 



"I like the idea of keeping a diary each time I volunteer"

Your student officers Megan and Abbie show you how to log hours and skills


In this two-hour workshop you will:

  • Become more confident talking about your skills in applications and interviews
  • Learn how to use the SU website to find volunteering roles
  • Start using the SU website as a reflective journal
  • Meet other student volunteers and find out about their experiences

Upcoming Skill-up Sessions

Wednesday 12th Feb 15:30-17:30 

Wednesday 29th April 14:30-16:30

Wednesday 10th June 14:30-16:30

We also recommend the University's Careers and Skills for Learning workshops.