School Rep - Jess Wilkinson

Imagine a student who could stand up for her course mates. Impressive. Imagine a student who could secure academic change for her entire school. Extraordinary. Now imagine the student that can do both of those things, one year after the other. Introducing Jess Wilkinson. 

Now in her third year, she told us about being the Course Rep for Counselling and Psychotherapy Professional Practice and School Rep for the School of Health and Society. 


I decided to become a School Rep as I had been a Course Rep the previous year and felt like I had connected well with my fellow students. I also felt that sometimes the voice of the students wasn't being heard as loud as I wanted it to be. I put myself forward to get that voice heard a bit louder. On a personal level I was after a bit of a challenge, I wanted to improve my communication and engagement skills, and get even more involved in the university community. 

My experiences  

Being a student volunteer is an amazing experience. It’s a great way to be involved more with your peers. It’s wonderful to have other students reach out to talk about the positives and the negatives of the course and Uni life. The negatives are especially great when you know who to reach out to, to solve the problem for students. 

Skills I’ve gained  

Being a student volunteer has helped me grow in confidence majorly. This helped me reach out to more of my peers as Course Rep last year, and School Rep this year. On a personal level it’s helped me to speak out more when I need help and given me more confidence in my own abilities.  

Why should others volunteer?  

The training provided by the Students’ Union has been amazing; lively and energetic and engaging. There are also perks – the occasional free lunch! There is so much support available to student volunteers. You’re never expected to take on more than you can handle.  The student union support you to make sure your role as a student volunteer doesn’t compromise your studies.  

A reference from Jess’ Volunteering Coordinator  

“I chose Jess as the volunteer under the spotlight because of her dedication to working with her Course Reps and creating a supportive environment for other volunteers’.” Madeleine, Student Voice

6th December 2019